A few words about harmonics

Many listeners have asked me how I create those high-pitch harmonics in both solos and rhythm playing. Well, the secret lies not in some expensive guitar effect but in the construction of the guitar itself (and other string instruments). The real trick is how to find them, use them and learn what notes they actually are.

The guitar is divided from the 12th fret. Every harmonic repeats itself on each side of the fret. Try to find them with your pick and when you feel comfortable with the positions, then try to hit the notes with any finger on your left hand. A vibrato arm is a good tool to make it easier and to prevent ugly sounds from the pick. Push the vibrato bar down and hit the string while it's slack. Then pull it back to normal position. The high E-string and sometimes the B-string is a little hard to hit, so the pick might be of use there.

The harmonics on the G-string are the easiest to begin with because of the position of the hand versus the fretboard.

Good luck!