The Apple Horn, I am very proud to say, is my own signature model. When I started playing, not in my wildest dreams could I imagine I actually would have a guitar named after me.

It is designed by my friend Itaru Kanno and manufactured by Kyowa Inc, Caparison Guitars in Japan.

The Apple Horn Yellow with True Temperament fretting system

The Apple Horn Jazz with fixed bridge

The Apple Horn Yellow

There are seven official model and the nice guys and gals of Caparison have made me a number of great variations. Each different in wood, design and pick-ups.

The Apple Horn HGS

The Apple Horn Orange

The Apple Horn Sand Stone

The Apple Horn Aurora

I use all of them live - either tuned to Dbsus4, Bbm13, C tuning, B6add9, down one half-step or regular tuning. Together with my Laneys that's all I need.

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